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Drives and Servos

"Getting the fundamental design principle correct is vital to a successful drive system"

drives and servos from drives and automation

Our drive system solutions are based on a sound understanding of the mechanical functionality, any interface with existing equipment and discussions with our clients.

The importance of ascertaining the correct initial control philosophy cannot be over emphasized.
Using a detailed knowledge of drive systems and control including:- speed control, speed following, torque control, load sharing, position following and the use of double differential controllers, Drives and Automation develop the required control system.

Equipment selection

Drives and Automation's engineers have years of experience in the application of all the major principles of motor control including: DOL starters, softstarts, open/closed loop AC vector, scalar AC, DC converters, servo etc. and their unique characteristics.

The selection of equipment depends on the requirements of the control system.

Typical selection criteria include:

  • variable speed or fixed speed
  • speed/torque response
  • positional accuracy
  • drive functional requirements
  • and of course, budget.

Design Implementation

Drives and Automation's engineers can complete the detailed hardware design including the integration of associated PLC/SCADA systems.

Any software, whether in the drive modules or PLC, is written in house using a range of programming tools to provide a turn key solution.




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